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Military-Inspired Visor Blocks Glare

Military-Inspired Visor Blocks Glare

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This Military-Inspired Visor Blocks Glare is designed for clip onto your existing sunshade to shade the sunshine in the day & prevents car lights at night. 

Light-filtering technology to block excess glare and harmful UV rays. Drive safely on a bright, sunny day, or over snowy terrain which readily reflects backlight. Perfect for drivers. 

  • At different levels of effective anti-dazzledegree 
  • Eyes comfort, relieve eye fatigue, effectively protect the safety of driving under the strong light 
  • Blocking the car light in the night 
  • Shading the sunshine in the day   
  • Fatigue, to reduce the harmful light of visual stimuli 
  • Installation is simple
  • Stainless steel metal screws fixed lens 
  • Material: PP and TPR 
  • Color: Yellow, Transparent gray 
  • Mirror size: 320mm x 120mm
  • High-energy ultraviolet light, blue light blocking rate:  > 75% 
  • Visible light through rate:  > 72.5% 
  • Peak transmittance of visible light: > 90% 
  • The infrared attenuation: > 88% 
  • Center Wavelength: 585 nm 
  • Spectrum cut width: 110 nm 
  • Uv-blocking: 97.4%
Package Included:
  • 1 Pc Military-Inspired Visor Blocks Glare