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No more puffy red eyes and lashes torn off, get in 4 min an intense and sensual look! Guaranteed result! 

  • Tired of false eyelashes too long, which tear off the eyes when removed? 
  • You ended up with glued eyes, because the glue sank?
  • Who wants to end up without eyelashes?
  • Tired of spending long minutes putting false eyelashes before an evening so that they come off at the worst moment or that they are finally badly positioned? 
The solution, easy eyelashes!
  • Enhance your look with these easy eyelashes. They will bring volume to your eyes, while looking completely natural.
  • No more toxic glues that spoil your eyes, little magnets easy eyelashes replace the glue! 
  • Do not waste time putting false eyelashes before each evening, with Easy Eyelashes you'll be ready in less than 4 minutes!
  • Ultra comfortable and light, you will not feel them! They will stay in place even in strong winds!
  • Easy to wear, Easy Eyelashes can be used every day and will be your allies for years.
  • A last minute meeting? Thanks to its protective transportable box be always ready for any occasion! 
  • Easy Lashes are handmade of high quality natural fibers. 
  • As a gift receive a FREE applicator in your package. 

What kind of easy lashes to choose? 

  • The ST1 is the most voluminous easy eyelash model. Eyelashes are the most provided. It's a perfect set for parties and outings.
  • The ST2 is the model of Easy Eyelashes with eyelashes less provided, which gives a very natural result. This set is perfect for everyday life and is very discreet.
  • The ST3 is the model where the eyelashes are thicker. The thickness of the eyelashes give a lot of density to the eye. It will be privileged for evenings and outings.
  • The ST4 is the Easy Eyelash model where eyelashes are less supplied but longer. They open your eyes and amplify. The look is natural but bigger. It is perfect for parties and can be used daily.
How to use them? 

The Easy Eyelashes are divided into two parts (upper and lower) that are clipped on our real eyelashes via a set of magnets. This very light system makes it possible not to damage your natural eyelashes.