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Ginger Extract Fast Hair Growth Spray

Ginger Extract Fast Hair Growth Spray

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The FAST GROWTH HAIR ESSENCE is an effective solution for receding hairline and hair thinning. It is formulated with NATURAL ingredients that do not cause any negative side effects. It guarantees hair loss prevention in just 7 days (1 Cycle).  And you can start to see hair growth in as little as (3 cycles). **Guaranteed effective for both men and women.

Receding hairline can start to develop in men as they age. And for women, thinning hair is more likely what they experience more than receding hairline. Fortunately, nowadays restoring hair growth has become possible. There are medications and procedures that have been proven effective and our FAST GROWTH HAIR ESSENCE is one of the best out there.


  • Multiple protection: Hyperthermia penetration, raising shiny hair, healthy conservation, supple care.
  • Clear the hair follicles: Clears the hair follicles and enhances blood circulation of the scalp, oils inhibit the growth of bacteria to maintain a healthy scalp.
  • Nourishes scalp: Unique blend of precious essences and all-natural ingredients penetrate the scalp and promote nutrient absorption.
  • Just "off" the anti-off: Nourishes and repairsdamaged hair follicles to promote protein synthesis and metabolism for rapid hair growth.
  • Healthy, supple hair: Promotes hair growth for a lush, full head of hair. Improves the condition of existing rough, fraying hairs.


  1. Open the cap and attach the sprayer on the bottle firmly
  2. Spray directly onto places where hair loss problemsexist. It can be used daily on mornings and evenings. Each time, apply 2-3 sprays.
  3. For best hair nourishing effect, massage gently into the scalp after each spray. 
  4. *We recommend picking up 4 Bottles for best results(Will easily Last 60 days) for best results (1 Bottle lasts up to 2 Cycles) - (7-Day Cycle).


  • Wild natural yew, ginkgo, fleece-flower root, astragalus, ginseng, Oriental Arborvitae, Dodder, velvet, Eclipta, white moss skin, Chuanxiong, Tianma, Speranskia, Angelica Sinensis.
  • Forty-six kinds of herbs brewed after forty-nine days.


    • 1 X Fast Growth Hair Essence

    Hair follicles renew every 30 days (Depending on hair damage, diet etc) After a month use, you will start seeing faster growth cycles of your follicles. And see AMAZING results within 60 days (4 Bottles)!!